Vatican's Growth

Vatican's Lifestyle and Traditions

Vatican is a symbolic place. It is a famous home for some popular personage or known personalities like Michelangelo a poet, painter, architect and sculptor. A prominent residence of the pope for Catholicism and located in Italy which is controlled by the Papal States. People living in Vatican City doesn't have nightlife, evenings is quiet and rest after working hours knowing it is Papal's place. However, still, some employees living here can do as they please during the weekend. It is a high-class social place with religious people. There is always a pasta course in their food style and a regular mass, especially on Sundays. Vatican is expected to be strict when it comes to appropriate dress code and modesty. It's a very sacred place where is a dress code is given in entering into St. Peter's Basilica as a sign of respect. Mostly, Vatican is interested in the study of social relationships such as economics or politics rather than physical science. A place for catholic to do their prayers and rituals.